Chaotic Exotics Growing Guides

The links below provide easy to read culture information for many commonly grown orchids. (These Culture sheets are from the American Orchid Society web site).

If you are just looking for cultural information about a certain orchid and don't wish to print culture sheets, then try Orchids A to Z from the American Orchid Society.

You must have a PDF reader installed on your system and available to your Internet browser to view, print, or save the PDF documents.  You can download the current Adobe PDF reader for free at the Adobe web site, by clicking the image link below.

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Beginner Level:

Cattleya t Cymbidium t Dendrobium
Paphiopedilum t Phalaenopsis

Intermediate Level: Level

Catasetum t Cattleya t Cymbidium t Dendrobium t Lycaste
Masdevallia t Miltonia t Odontoglossum t Oncidium
Paphiopedilum t Phalaenopsis t Stanhopea t Vanda

Other Sheets Available

Orchids in the Home t Orchids in the Garden t Importing Orchids t Orchid FAQ

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