Chaotic Exotics
About Us

Welcome to the Chaotic Exotics web site.   We're Chaotic Exotics, and as our name implies, we specialize in a wide array of the unusual.   Our primary focus is on orchid species and hybrids, but we invite inquiries regarding ferns, bromeliads, and cacti as well.

Our approach to business is a loving one.   We believe the beauty of the plants in which we deal demands this.   Our real motivation is a desire to share our true enthusiasm for these wonders of creation.

We maintain, above all, a genuine enjoyment in our merchandise, our customers and the services that we provide.   We're always happy to answer questions or give advice about ourchid care.   We want everyone who purchases an orchid from us to have success in growing and blooming it, and one of our greatest pleasures is to hear how satisfied a client is with our product.

Jim Kotsybar and John Seykoski
the owners and operators